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Smile Of The Decade

Images of life that surprise or tickle should help keep smiles, mirth and stress relief to the front of your mind. Again - no apologies for sharing, thanks to all photographers...

Pleasing images:

No such thing as a free lunch?

see John Cleese acept the wisdom of laughter from the main man, Dr Madan Kataria

The credit crunch is more far reaching than we were led to believe...

Does one want fries with that?


no adverts

no captions

no explanations

When I see images like these on other sites,
those things always seem to just get in the way.

John Cleese met the Dalai Lama once...

they didn't say a word...
didn't share English or Tibetan

but they spent ten minutes communicating

just by laughing...

I bet they know each other better than
many people who spend hours in business meetings

Looking forward to that meeting?
Item 16 on the agenda,
David Paltrefy, sales manager, 5 minutes on:
"Getting people to wear more hats"