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a lifetime of learning to share

Patrick Graham of Offpat consultancy.

Offpat Consultancy

After a varied career involving public speaking, radio, T.V. and film work, community development, multi-agency meeting chairmanship, hospice visiting, social work, mental health crises and crisis management, training with, for, and by, a kaleidoscopic array of pleasant, often disempowered, and at other times powerful people, I decided, on semi-retirement, to return to freelance ways and set up
Offpat consultancy.

Among the general consultancy services on offer (ring 0845 224 1956 for an informal discussion) the main current offer:

Laughter, the short talk,

After dinner - maybe, but for the benefit of many a small organisation, Offpat will provide a speaker to entertain your group: volunteers, board members, invited guests, anyone who might like to bring laughter into their daily lives. The 40 minute talk can include any degree of audience participation that is suitable. So for a bunch of young lumberjacks it could become a full on exercise routine, for the British Legion meetings it tends to be just chair based involvement. I tend to deliver this session to local groups only (Gloucestershire), since the travel may cost more than the fee. (Testimonials/references available)

Other offers available on request.