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Associated Links

The Laughter Network - Expanding network of laughter facilitators and trainers across Britain
Some of my colleague laugh facilitators:
Laughter yoga with Julie
Miracles do happen, with Kit
Robin Graham (no relation), making it less grim up north
Leela's London laughs
United Mind Lotte laughs are home counties based
The Scary Guy - 210lbs of love, he's making peace all round the world - if you are a school that suffers bullying, (all of them), book him, the Australian and South African governments have...
Daily Mash - its the best modern news ribbed daily
The Darwin Awards - All good Catholics should rejoice at this natural birth control monitoring site. A true hoot.
Framley Examiner - aaahh... the gentle art of olde local news
Private Eye - its not so modern and teases you to buy the mag
The Onion - occasionally brilliant spoof news - the one that fooled North Korea into thinking the USA was about to attack them with wooden spoons.
Teachers Robotics fun - a resource for teachers who want their kids to learn what THEY could do with robots.
Snopes - the place to go to debunk myths & urban legends