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Patrick Graham of Offpat consultancy.

About Smile Of The Decade

Smile of the decade is the website of Offpat consultancy – a conspicuously happy independent organisation that specialises in helping others find a healthier, happier life.

It's short and sweet, no bowels of the earth information pages (except a growing jokes archive and my "Omituaries" section on the "Grin" page) but some useful contact info, some links to others that can also promote laughter and health, some jokes, some satire and some stories. - And a regularly updated blog for those interested...
I strive to amuse.

I would just like to say, “It's all copyright and I must have your money if you use any of this stuff” but that would be untrue, I haven't invented anything but my own way of putting old wisdom and old jokes together, and if you want to reproduce any of it, copy and paste away, it is all for sharing... a credit is always appreciated though
(with link back here if it's used on the web).

This Web site is happy to include material forwarded by friends I haven't met yet as well as testiclemonials and comments from all and sundry. But I can be a fickle editor and don't promise freedom of speech or right to reply, keep on contacting me if you have a beef.
I will link to organisations and individuals who I feel confident are adopting a similar ethos and share-a-smile philosophy and appreciate a link back from any site that feels similarly inclined.

Keep laughing, force it if you have to... just like infants and the Dalai Lama, you can laugh for no apparent reason.