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a lifetime of learning to share

Patrick Graham of Offpat consultancy.

"I haven't laughed as much in decades...
as when I met the man pictured on the 'about' page"

Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty.

Take this to an advanced level and you get the healthy life promotional role that we take for granted as necessary in the laughter movement. Take a look...

This first video is all about the power of positivity and smiling, the second and third are shorter films about laughter as the contagious disease we should be spreading...

What's laughter for...

"Why Laugh? ...Why not?
Feeling serious? ... Good, you seriously need to laugh".

Welcome to the web site of Offpat Consultancy, a freelance trainer and motivational speaker + associates, specialising in the use of laughter as a tool for liberating cramped and blocked souls within a work or therapeutic environment, some would call it laughter therapy, I prefer laughter refreshment training. For a brief prospectus of training work undertaken...
click here. To see why you should bring laughter into your working life, read on...

Questions others have asked include:-

How does laughter help me be healthy?...

It feels intuitively correct that, as stated elsewhere by more qualified people, laughter can release chemicals in the blood stream that help prevent cancer... and its not just those feel good endorphins – OK, you'll notice I won't say it's a “cure”, but it is a seriously good preventative tool, and one that aids every aspect of health. The very small amount of appropriate medical research to date is overwhelmingly supportive of this idea, but guess what? - the drugs companies don't fund any such research...what a surprise.

Laughter is an international undermet need – much more needed than most pills and potions; it can prevent illness, bring peace and tranquillity where there might have been conflict, decrease perceived and obvious physical stress levels and generally be a positive influence on your own life and on everyone else who hears you laugh.

So why are people not laughing?..

Most think you need someone or something to make you laugh
You don't think you can make a choice to laugh?
Questioner: Errrr, maybe...

You can choose to laugh whenever you want – infants do so up to 400 times a day – no one is showing them Marx Brothers films or video clips of George Bush tripping over. But guess what millions of people search for on the internet every day?
Questioner: porn?,
No, I mean the healthier ones... laughter, jokes and silly video clips, they get shared every day as viral emails, do the rounds very fast, good jokes faster still, whilst old ones fade and die, either way they help you through the day,
...and are they encouraged? At your work?
Questioner: not where I work...

Exactly, most work places either actively discourage, or passively disapprove of, the sharing of laughter, feeling that it distracts from the serious business of thinking, concentrated thinking that they believe generates good work – whereas in reality it is a brilliant and necessary precursor to the kind of relaxed thinking that actually promotes better ideas, better concentration and a healthier working life.

Questioner: When did that old idea of working life and the rest of life being separate come about?
The Protestant work ethic perhaps? The old concept seems to be that illness and stress from one won't affect/be affected by the other. It is clearly better to remember the wholeness of the human being and make home and work life balanced and fun.

Our brains are wired in such a way that much of our behaviour is prompted by emotion rather than reason or thought – we seek laughter naturally, but the natural self has been conditioned and controlled by our lifestyle...to ration laughs, be more serious, and adopt practices and habits that are bad for health and happiness, in the pursuit of the "false prophet of profit" - by gloomy concentration and work ethic.

Questioner: I can be serious sometimes...

Yes indeed, but, what about those who rarely if ever laugh who might be reading this...Still don't think you can squeeze a laugh out?
Life throwing you lemons all the time?
Why do so many impoverished and orphaned children in the poorest parts of the developing world smile so much more than you then?

How about a smile? that's a good starting point and it will do you a lot of good as well.
The good news is that your body doesn't care if its a forced smile or a natural one, it will STILL produce those endorphins and begin to tell your body to relax, so force it, and force the odd chuckle too.
It is common knowledge – smiles and laughter are positive infections that could and should be part of a pandemic sweeping this wealthy but not so healthy nation. Forcing a smile or a laugh is actually effective in improving health, and soon after forcing it, the freeing of those muscles, the small change in mood, makes it more and more likely that uninhibited laughter can then emerge. The proof is in experience of many laughter workshops where the infection of laughter catches hold and surprises some participants who resolutely believed they weren't going to be able to laugh. The sad facts are that adults have reduced the average laugh per day rate from the 300-400 they managed as an infant to around 15... and seeing as my friends and I laugh at least 50 times a day, someone out there is very unhealthy from not laughing. See the health page for more on this...
Just bored and browsing? - want to stay serious? try my blog, if you got this far something I have said must be working.